Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some kind of luck...

So I've spent the better part of last year sewing cloth diapers and trying to figure out whether anyone else would be interested in using them.  My favorite test subject has more diapers than he needs, even after I have sold off most of my purchased diapers from the beginning.  Then while on vacation this week we found this at Buy Buy Baby:

Harmless enough, right?  It's a cute little potty that hoots and hollers for you when you push the flusher.  Nommy had to have it.  I looked at his Daddy and said something scholarly like, "I've read that if you let them pick out their potty then potty training will go more smoothly, maybe we should go ahead and get it."  Daddy needed no more encouragement, because he has been trying to get the kid to use the potty for about a month now.  Nommy is 2 and a half years old; it is time.  I know this!  

However, I keep thinking that once we go down that road there is no going back.  No more cute cloth diapers, no more struggling on the changing table, no more chasing my kid around to carry him kicking and screaming to the changing table in the first place, no more spraying off poopy diapers in the toilet hoping I don't get microparticles of poop on me - WAIT!  With the exception of the first part, these would all be good things.  

So what am I waiting for?  I guess for my son to look me in the eye and say, "Mommy, I'm a big boy now."  But he did that just today, when he put his shoes on the right feet; when he told me to cover him up with his blankey and close the door a little bit on my way out of his room at bedtime; when he told me he misses me when I'm at work and could I please not go back tomorrow.    

For now, I will mourn for the diapers I will never make him....and instead focus on sewing him more cloth trainers than he will ever know what to do with.  =)